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Do you want to become the best parent you can be?

Do you want to become the best parent you can be?

Do you feel...

That there is more to parenting than just to parent as you were raised?
Do you struggle with fear and shame in your journey in life?
Do you feel like the institution of school is driving you and your kids crazy?
Do you want to nourish your life with healthier and deep relationships?


Conscious parenting is an endless journey, a quest to raise the child within us. We strive to leave the stress and anxiety of school and average life behind, so we can see our kids thrive. Our love for our children has no bounds. It is a limitless and joyful love that also brings great anxiety, stress and heartache. Conscious parenting is not mainstream, is a challenge to the status quo.

We heal generations to come, this is not for everyone. It requires courage to look at the mirror, to have the will to change the way you look at things, and to question everything. Conscious parenting brings happiness and joy to the families, swiping away the fear, the false self, and makes you blossom in blissfulness.

Conscious parenting transforms you to be a better human being, more inclusive, understanding, compassionate, and it makes you a wise and funny parent.

A question: What is a parent supposed to be, if not this? To enjoy and usher your kids through life when you can. Because remember, they will be gone to college or to raise their own family and fulfill their divine destiny in no time.

It is possible to:

  • Unlearn past parenting patterns and have a choice to be the best parent you can be.
  • Know how to empower your children to be their most authentic selves and to be more resilient and be able to cope with the stuggles of life.
  • Significantly decrease your levels of anxiety and guilt and also the anxiety of your kids.
  • Attune consciously to your children’s needs and improve your connection with what is most important for you: Your children.

If you’re ready to enjoy and usher your kids through life while you can…before they are gone to college or raising their own family, and fulfilling their divine destiny, you’re in the right place.

Let me introduce you to the more life transforming, delicious and enjoyable way of parenting…Conscious Parenting.

Hi. I’m Dr. Magaly Medina.

I’m a dreamer, a visionary. I believe in love as a maximal force. I live heart centered. I’m a traveler, an optimist, and I am held by God.

I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, a sister, and a friend. I graduated from NYU and I’m an empathetic doctor and philanthropist who works with patients to awaken them to their own essence and core desires.

Through all of my work and adventures, I’ve seen that anything is possible. I’ve also seen the value in training and learning our way. When I applied that to our family by committing to parenting consciously…in the present moment…it has transformed my child’s life, my life, and the lives of those around me.  

There is this myth that believes that parenting comes naturally, making us feel guilty and ashamed when we don’t know what to do or when things don’t happen as we expected, even though we’ve received no guide. 

Conscious Parenting shifts the traditional parenting paradigm.

I am here to help you find that wisdom inside of you that will help you connect with yourself, your kids, and everyone you love. You will find yourself free, with less suffering, and living a happy life. I invite you to parent from the heart and enjoy your sacred place in your kids’ childhood. 

Are you ready?

Dr. Magaly Medina

Rave Reviews


If I had one word to describe Magaly, it would be LOYAL. My first memory of Magaly is when I met her years ago back in the 90’s when I just recently moved to Puerto Rico and Magaly was a medical student…she spoke English and I was struggling with my Spanish.

I remember her making me feel comfortable with her beautiful smile, she was energetic, and had such a positive outlook. All of which are qualities that always impress me because ‘like attracts like’. I also feel that I am an energetic and positive person which makes our life-long friendship so special. Even when you speak with Magaly, her tone of voice is calming, soothing, and always makes you feel at ease. Imagine when she interviews patients before surgery.

Patients are generally anxious before their procedure and as an anesthesiologist Magaly instantly puts the patient in a state of tranquility… I love the fact that Magaly has embarked on a new aspect of her career as a conscious parenting coach. It’s a role that is a perfect fit for a beautiful human being.



I’m a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach from Dr. Shefali’s Coaching Institute.

Begin Your Journey Today


An educator at heart, I’m here to share the resources and discussions that bring us all closer to our desired conscious state of living.

Our Emotions and Parenting

It’s our emotions that prevent us from being the parent we want to be.

Regulating our emotions is the first thing we need to do in accordance to be able to connect with our children and the other thing is to coach our children in the managing of their own emotions instead of trying to control them.

As conscious parents , we need to become comfortable with the world of emotions. 


To be able to atune with our teenagers we need to enter silence and stillness.

It is extremely important to be present in our conversations and in their activities. For teenagers, their thermostat is very attuned to us. They can feel our energy immediately, not even saying a word; they know if you are mad, sad, angry, or worried.

Helping Our Child Manage Their Emotional Backpack

How we teach our kid and ourselves to take the stuffed feelings out of their backpack?

To heal anger, he has to go into the more vulnerable emotions that are driving it. (Grief or fear). When people have a full emotional backpack they are very rigid and they try to control themselves and they end up trying to control their environment and you.

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

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